PayPhone Payment button – Implementation

How does the Pay button work?

The PayPhone Payment button is characterized by its simple integration, security and suitability for the different Web pages. In the Payment button, the user enters his cell phone number, and from his mobile device chooses the payment method and authorizes the payment with his password, fingerprint or with his face (the device must have facial recognition). In the following video you can see the operation of the payment button:


The PayPhone collection flow with the Payment button integrated to the Web page would be as follows:

  1. The user adds to his cart the products to buy.
  2. Select PayPhone as payment method.
  3. Enter your cell phone number.
  4. You get a notification to the mobile device requesting payment.
  5. From your cell phone the user selects his card and authenticates with his key, fingerprint or face.
  6. PayPhone sends the result of the payment to the website and this shows the answer to the user.

Implementing the Pay button

To implement the payment button you must meet certain requirements that we divide into two categories: Commercial requirements And Development requirements.

Commercial Requirements:

  • The store that will receive the payments must be registered in PayPhone as an active store. To start the registration as a store you can do Click here.
  • With the store active and ready to dp transactions, you must create a user of type "Developer". In this article we teach you how to create your user.

Development Requirements:

  • To use the payment button you have to configure our platform so that your website is connected in a correct way to PayPhone. Before you start you must prepare the platform for your application. Get Click here to know how to do the preparation.
  • Finally you have to obtain your authentication token, with which you will be able to identify yourself in our services and add the respective security to the process. In This article You find the way to get the token.

(If you are a public company please contact to certify the process before going into production)

The PayPhone Payment button is characterized by its ease of consumption and implementation, because in two simple calls you can charge your customers. It has three methods, prepare, confirm And reverse, with the Prepare method is sent to the service of PayPhone the details of the transaction (value, taxes, etc.), in the response of that call, our Web service will deliver a URL where you find the button to pay ready, your platform must redirect the user to this URL where you must make the payment. The payment button will return to the Web page indicating the status of the transaction. Finally, the Confirm method is executed to verify the result of the transaction and confirm the response by the Web page. That's how simple it is to use the PayPhone payments button.

In case you need to reverse a transaction, you can use the reverse method, Click here to see how it works. Remember that the reverse can only be run on the same day of the transaction until 7 pm.




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